Board rules

Welcome to M Community

A list of rules everyone should be aware of. Above all, "Treat others the way you want them to treat you ".

Please read the pinned announcement, these contain important information that will help you in many cases.

So you ask your question correctly

If you really CAN not find a solution to your problem, the next step is to describe the problem in a topic. You should note the following

  • write the question in the correct forum,
  • choose a suitable title,
  • describe the problem precisely,
  • If necessary, cite error messages, provide screenshots and provide information on the installed firmware. Statements like "it does not work" or "help" are not effective.

For writing contributions (whether your own questions, solutions or other contributions) should be noted that you do not offend anyone. Generally applies to contributions, that always the author is responsible for the content. Entries containing illegal content will be deleted, whereby we reserve the right to take legal action.

Themes that have the sole purpose of increasing your own contribution counter (e.g., "What music are you listening to?") Are not desired. MOST users feel disturbed by the constantly unreadable forums.

user profile

Only one profile is allowed per user. This means: It is not allowed to log in to with multiple usernames. The transfer of access data is prohibited. A subsequent change of the user name is not possible. Offensive user names are deleted without comment!span>

do you or others on the tie?

If you offend yourself or feel otherwise attacked, please notify a moderator by conversation. We take care of this. Please always stay factual !

Attack is not always the best defense

If someone does not like the question in a post, or in general the way others write, or you CAN not contribute any information to solve the problem, then you should stay away from these issues.

Size of avatars and pictures

  • Avatars (user picture) may max. 500 kB in size (128 x 128 pixels).
  • Animated avatars are not welcome.
  • All images must be added via the on-board upload feature. See instructions
  • Should an avatar (user picture) contain abusive, racist, offensive or disparaging representations, this will be deleted without comment.


The insertion of signature-like texts and / or formatting in contributions and topics is not allowed .

profile fields

In the profile field "Automotive" only indicate the model name in short form.

Pretend special status

Contributions in which only rule violations are pointed out are reserved for the moderators! Any changes to your profile that might give the impression that you have a special status on are prohibited. You CAN report rule violations with the Report feature.


  • In the forum please quote only the part of the text to which the answer refers.
  • External citations always with source!

spelling, orthography

We do not expect any extraordinary phrases but please pay attention to spelling


Conversations are not intended for assistance inquiries .

Behavior towards moderators and administrators

Moderators make sure that the rules are respected here in the forum. If they make a decision, they will have thought it over well. If you CAN not understand a decision that concerns you, please think again and again what the reasons for the decision could have been. Otherwise ask the appropriate moderator or administrator via conversation. It is always important to remain objective and to maintain the right tone. We will not allow attacks on team members or public discussions about decisions.

Nobody is perfect

Note that users and moderators here do everything in their spare time and are also only people who CAN make mistakes. From a forum and its users, you CAN not expect 24-hour support.

Sad but true

If you repeatedly ignore the forum rules, your user profile will be blocked.